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May 31,  · Adult circumcision is often a simple procedure, though it’s a larger surgery than it is in infants. People who choose to have it done may do so for many of the same reasons parents choose it . For adult circumcision, I use the sleeve resection technique in which the foreskin is removed as a ring of tissue with a scalpel. In my opinion, this gives a symmetrical, fine incision line.

The most common difference between a neonatal circumcision and an adult circumcision is the use of clamps. Clamps are used during neonatal circs to stop bleeding by pinching them, eliminating the use of sutures. The clamps are able to pinch the skin together tight enough so stitches are not needed. The Indication for the Surgery. When it comes to the adult circumcision surgery, people estimate there are over six newborn males all around the globe. In the United States, over 60 percent of newborn males go through circumcision annually, with the number of adults much less. However, there are no accurate statistics as such.

As children age and become sexually mature, the circumcision procedure has increased risk of complications and an increased need for anesthesia, requiring an outpatient surgery setting or an operating room at a nearby hospital. Only dedicated circumcision specialists or urologists familiar with adult circumcision should perform the vaginaxx.xyzon: Venice Boulevard Suite , Culver City, , CA.