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Education | Mental Health America. An estimated 50 million people live with neurocognitive disorders (dementias). The most prevalent neuropsychiatric conditions in the older adult are anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and severe cognitive impairment. In nursing homes, two-thirds of residents suffer from some form of diagnosable mental health illness.

These Continuing Education Courses address topics related to Mental Health conditions and Mental Health Treatment. CEs are approved for Professional Counselors, MFT Therapists, Social Workers, . If you become acutely ill while in college, you might need to take time out to seek treatment and stability. Chances are you will be able to continue your education once the condition is well controlled. While the onset of a mental illness can be dismaying, don't feel ashamed; seek help. Mental illnesses .

NAMI Provider. NAMI Provider introduces mental health professionals to the unique perspectives of people with mental health conditions and their families. You’ll develop enhanced empathy for their daily challenges and recognize the importance of including them in all aspects of the treatment process. NAMI Provider is a hour program of in-service training taught by a team consisting of an adult with a mental health .