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Bad words = time out + mouthsoaping! time out timeout cornertime corner time spanking submissive domestic discipline mouth soaping wash mouth out with soap mouthsoaping notes Oct 9th, Dec 29, - Explore Drauka Grissa's board "Cornertime" on Pinterest. See more ideas about spanking, girl spanked, naughty girl pins.

Depending on how much time we have, the seriousness of the offense and my attitude preceding it, corner time generally lasts at least 20 minutes, sometimes an hour, and occasionally longer for a more serious misbehavior. Corner time is meant as . May 23,  · For me, Corner Time is enforced strictly and any 'playing up' (which includes movement, looking round, making a sound, arguing with it, or being 'reluctant' in any way) means being put over the back of a chair, caned, and then sent back to the corner to start again. Consequently I don't 'play up' much!

May 07,  · Corner Time This is an application that tells you, using voice instructions, go to a corner and stay there without moving until a certain time has passed. Use it on yourself as a conditioning method (caught yourself picking your nose? get in the corner!) or just for, err, fun. Use it on someone else as part of a long-distance D/s relationship. Corner Time Bedroom Time Reinforcement The First Spanking Beginner Spankings Spanking Implements Spanking Positions Over or Under the Clothes Frequently Asked Questions Ready to Get Started? BEGINNING DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE: BROUGHT TO YOU BY LEARNING DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE

Apr 14,  · Corner time is a planned time out when your man stands in a corner with no distractions such as television, phone, music etc. He is to stand in the corner, facing the wall to think about whatever it is that you wish him to think about. Start by leading him over to the corner by his arm or wrist. How many time you must be in cornertime. minutes. minutes. minutes. till 2 hours. from 2 to 3 hours. from 3 to 4 hours. Over 4 hours. What's the max time you have spent in cornertime.