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Individual renters Choose costumes from our show collection (some exclusions apply), from the rental costumes below, or call us with a specific request. In many cases we are able to send a digital photo of the costume (after we receive your measurements). Please note digital photos are . At, we remember this whole rental phenomenon fondly, and want to bring the idea back, but with the products we know best: costumes! Our Halloween costume rentals give you all the options you want without the responsibility and commitment of ownership.

Adult Deluxe Costume Rentals. Request a FREE COSTUME PLOT Costume Rentals. Choose from our list of over shows! View Full Show List». Rental costumes come complete, all accessories are included. There are no additional fees for items like overcoats and canes. As part of your rental price, we provide professionally altered costumes to all sizes plus post show cleaning. We are the only costume house offering a standard 11 day rental.

Starline Costumes offers full-service, theatrical quality costumes and rentals for adults and children of all sizes. We have been in business for over 40 years and if you have never been to our costume shop, you’re missing something! Adult sized, larger than life animal costumes for rent in tons of styles. Not just bunnies, gorillas, and beavers but pink, blue and purple ones, too. Time Periods, Ancient to 80's Our selection of costumes from lost eras is our single largest category of costumes in stock to rent.

> Rental Costumes. We're still in the process of posting our massive collection of rentals online, so if you don't see what you're looking for please ask. Mascots/Animals. Bears, Birds, Bugs, Cats, Dogs, Chimps & Gorillas, Dinosaurs, Aquatic, Edibles, & more! Historical. Here is a sampling of our 15,+ Costume Rentals. We also have a large selection of retail costumes and accessories, however these items are not currently displayed online. Please call with any questions you may have. We'd be happy to help you with any costume ideas.