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Apr 16,  · The Cost of Cremation. A Direct cremation is the least expensive package, typically around the $ to $2, mark. Picking up the body is usually included within a certain driving distance and they typically take care of the paperwork. Below are average costs for some of the extras you may add: Transporting the body to the crematorium. – $/5(67). Feb 10,  · Average Cremation Costs in To give you an idea of average cremation costs, here is a table (provided by vaginaxx.xyz) which shows the range of prices in different cities).. As you can see, the typical cost of a basic cremation is between $$/5(76).

Cremation Urns for Adults Honoring the memory of your loved one is not something to be taken lightly. Your loved one had unique personality, taste in life, and preferences, and keeping their ashes in a cremation urn for adults that matches this is an amazing way to honor their memory.