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Adult Day Health Care - Geriatrics and Extended Care. Adult Day Care Staff. Ask about the ratio of staff to clients. The industry standard is to have no fewer than one staff member for every six clients. However, centers that specialize in caring for seniors with dementia typically have a higher staff member to client ratio. They average one staff .

Required staffing ratios for persons with dementia are generally one staff to four participants, though Michigan requires Dementia Adult Day Care programs to have a minimum staff/volunteer/student-to . May 16,  · Adult Day Health Care Staff Warm and caring staff that create a level of care like home Our programs and services are outstanding, but if we had to point to one thing that makes our adult day health program so impressive, it would be our wonderful staff.

Nov 07,  · The number of staff required is determined by the number of individuals present each day, but must be at least one care giver to every eight individuals served. Direct service staff include .