Adult bro and gf having fun! Part two - adult degu


adult degu - Adult bro and gf having fun! Part two

May 15,  · It's durable and plenty large enough for an adult degu. Fortunately, this wheel should last a very long time and will get hours upon hours of use. Granite Stone Degus love to be kept cool. Their environment should never exceed 68°F as they are susceptible to heat strokes. Therefore, you need to do everything in your power to keep your degus cool. Oct 10,  · Degu Appearance and Behavior As big as a guinea pig but with brown fur and a long, thin tail, degus look like oversized gerbils. They have round, squat bodies, weigh between a half pound to a pound, and grow to about inches long, from nose to tail tip.

Degus do not reach adult size until about 6 months of age, however, and they generally live in same-sex social groups until they are about 9 months old and their first breeding season occurs. It has been reported that pups raised in isolation in the laboratory experience severe . The life span of a degu is around five to nine years, although in the wild it’s only one to two years. An adult degu is around 15cm long and has a 15cm tail with a tuft at the end. Their coat is mid to dark brown with a light cream belly and white feet. Home comforts for degus.

It is recommended to give your degus around 10 g each per adult degu per day, so be strict with how you measure this out. To save you weighing the feed out, you can use something like a 25 ml shot glass to measure out the right portion every day. Degu adoption can be an enriching experience, and is a big decision. Whatever pet you adopt will demand certain lifestyle changes, and a financial commitment. Estimating the monthly costs of owning a pet is just as important as making sure you have the time and motivation to feed the Degu when necessary, and provide a safe environment to live.