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adult german sale shepherd trained - Clip 37Lil Spanked In Line - Sale: $7

Fully Trained Adult German Shepherd Protection Dogs for Sale Fully-Trained Personal Protection Dogs For Sale For over 30 years the focus of our business has been placing fully-trained adult personal protection dogs with families & individuals like yours. Our dogs are first selected
. German Shepherd Dogs For Sale Trained Adult German Shepherds can be a wonderful asset, family companion and protector for your home. The dogs you see listed on this page have handled and professionally trained to meet the needs of a family and/or working environment. We believe in "Real Life" training and preparing our dogs for success.

Raising our trained GSD into "SUPER" SHOW class, family FIRST, Günbil German Shepherd Trademark. Our German shepherd trained dogs for sale are top "quality", "Sieger lines". We guarantee our German shepherd (adults) for FIVE year (FIVE years of age). This includes a 15 day exchange. German Shepherds For Sale. Puppies For Sale; Young Show/Pet Prospects; Female & Male Trained Dogs For Sale - Please Contact For Updated Information Dogs For Sale Puppies For Sale Young Show/Pet Prospects Trained Adult Dogs For Sale Male Shutzhund Dogs For Sale Female Shutzhund Dogs For Sale. Our Dogs Stud Dogs Female Dogs.

Our majestic all German Schutzhund/IPO Certified German Shepherd Trained Protection Dogs for sale provide outstanding personal Protection. We are the most experienced Importer of the best All German (not lesser quality "European Bloodlines") World Renown Sieger and working line German Shepherds since See " Our Record Speaks For Itself ". There are German Shepherd adult dogs for sale located in the following states: West Virginia, Washington, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Trained German Shepherds For Sale Regardless of your needs for a German Shepherd, you won’t find dogs with better pedigrees. Von Rief German Shepherds in Colorado Springs breeds loyal, strong and hardworking German Shepherds that boast exceptional temperaments and exceptional health. Trained Dogs for Sale Trained German Shepherd Dogs in Michigan German Shepherds come from a long line of working dogs. Their instincts are for guarding and herding.