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Trick or Treat!? We'll go treat every time. But, Halloween treats don't just have to be for the kiddos. Skip the store-bought candy and try one of these delicious Halloween treats for adults! Baked Halloween Treats via The Novice Chef Salted Caramel Cookies Nothing says Fall like caramel. Try a modern twist on an old classic with these salted caramel cookies!Get the Recipe Here >> Apple Spiced. Oct 10,  · For a truly spooky treat, this hummus is a great way to create a fun and festive Halloween effect. Simply fill a carved skull prop with this ghoulishly delicious hummus for a great appetizer to serve to guests. This hummus is red pepper based and features cayenne pepper, cumin, and plenty of garlic cloves for some great flavor.

Sep 15,  · Turn pearly whites into a dreadful fright. These Halloween teeth start with ripe red apples as the devil's lips, with slivered almonds as the frightening fangs. If you like, drizzle your disturbing dentures with El Droolo del Diablo, also known as "slightly thinned-out honey." Bonus: This spooky surprise doubles as a healthy Halloween vaginaxx.xyz: Carl Hanson. Sep 01,  · An adult way to enjoy classic Halloween candy corn. Recipe creator Leslie says, "This version goes for a triple shot, so shoot responsibly." 1 of 10Author: Vicky Mcdonald.

Oct 24,  · Eggnog Popcorn Balls. These eggnog popcorn balls taste like the boozy real thing, but can be shared with all ages. Make as a treat for your own relaxing Halloween in, or in bulk for your whole group. Get our Eggnog Popcorn Balls recipe. Sep 16,  · We've got a Halloween party loaded with spooky recipes featuring grown-up twists: candy apples with brandy, cashew brittle with chiles, chicken with more cloves of garlic than you can even imagine. Use this collection of adult Halloween recipes to make the perfect Halloween themed dinner party menu, or pick and choose for treats that can travel with you through the neighborhood this Halloween.

Oct 22, - Find fabulous ideas for a spooky and fun Halloween Shindig!. See more ideas about halloween party, halloween food for party, halloween treats pins.