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Dec 05,  · He-Man and She-Ra: Christmas Special» by PerkyGoth14 Cherry and her friends are invited to Planet Eternia to see Prince Adam and Princess Adora again which happens to be very close to Christmastime. While there, there are some holiday hijinks that go on which seem to spell disaster when Orko is the cause of the trouble and ends up in the middle of Earth with . Disclaimer: I do not own He-Man, Masters of the Universe, She-Ra, nor have any holdings in Mattel, Filmation, or MYP and I do not profit from creating He-Man fanfiction.I just write for fun. A/N: Yeah, that was fast. Well I did hint that it would be soon! I hope you enjoy this sequel to Amazing take a moment to give back to the author by leaving a review.

He-Man grabbed a boulder that was easily five times his size and hurled it at Skeletor, watching as it slammed into the villain and sent him sailing backwards into a rock face. Turning, he grabbed hold of Clawful and threw him into Trap-Jaw and Beastman. Jun 20, - Explore Nerdzombie's board "He-Man Fan Fiction", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about masters of the universe, 80s cartoons, thundercats pins.

Fan Fiction. Here you will find a collection of different He-Man and She-Ra related stories created entirely by fans. Ever wonder what it would be like if Skeletor married the Sorceress? You can make it happen! Find out what your favorite character is up to when he or she isn't on your television screen or on the printed page. Delilah Marie Stark. Niece of Tony Stark, and creator of extremely impressive modern software. She's impressively wealthy, intelligent, and mild mannered, for being only 26, but, as all great people are, she's hiding an important secret.

Evil-Lyn's Quest. by Aidan Cross. Part 1. In the depths of Snake Mountain, a demonic warlord was raging like a lunatic. Skeletor, the Lord of Destruction, had finally reached the peak of madness after his countless failed attempts to take over Castle Grayskull and the planet Eternia. The New Adventures of He-Man ; He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - ; She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (–) Masters of the Universe: Revelation; Movies. Masters of the Universe - The Movie - ; The Secret of the Sword; He-Man and She-Ra - A Christmas Special; Power Tour; Forum; Chat; Fan Art; Fan Fiction; Memories.