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Sailor Moon General Discussion New Discuss the BSSM anime, the BSSM manga, the Sailor V manga, the musicals, the live action series basically anything BSSM is on-topic here. 7, Mar 13,  · Sailor Moon Crystal is still more action oriented than other magical girl anime and there's a lot of guys that love Sailor Moon so I don't know that it would be all that out of place on Toonami. I mean the old school Toonami once aired Hamtaro of all things. Sailor Moon Crystal is much more closer to the spirit of the block than Hamtaro was.

Jul 18,  · Jan 6 2nd Sailor Moon Eternal Anime Film's Trailer Previews Theme Song, Actually I suspect that there might be more middle aged adult fans . Jun 10,  · Sailor Moon is often heralded as a landmark anime for LGBTQIA+ representation. Most of the praise focuses on Sailor Uranus and Neptune, but there are other queer characters in the anime. Zoisite and Kunzite are villains from the first arc and are in a same-sex romance. Fish-Eye is a highly effeminate gay vaginaxx.xyz: Anthony Gramuglia.

Jan 25,  · This is the Adult Swim/Toonami board, for discussion of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and the revival of Toonami. You should have clicked the link by now. Official Adult Swim HQ and The X-Bridge Discussion Forum. Dec 28,  · Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world. Sailor Moon: Sacrifice AMAZING NEW SEASON | Page 1 | G.A.I.A. Sailor Scouts Guild | Guild Forums | Gaia Online.

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