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Adult schistosomes are white-grayish worms with a cylindrical body that is 10 to 20 mm long and to  mm thick (Fig. ). The tegument of adult worms is a double layer; the outer one is continuously shed and renewed. The adult male is shorter, thicker, and flatter than the longer, slender female. Their classification is based on their flat body structure (thus they are classified in the Phylum Platyhelminthes, meaning broad worm), and they are considered Trematodes (from the Greek trem, meaning “a hole”) because of the characteristic ventral and oral suckers present in the adult.

Schistosoma mansoni is dioecious and sexually dimorphic. The adult male (up to 10 mm in length) is more robust than the female and possesses a body groove called a gynaecophoral canal. The female, which is longer and more slender than the male (up to 10 to 14 mm in length), is held within the groove of the male. Unlike all other trematodes, schistosomes are not hermaphroditic but dioecious, forming separate sexes. Adult worms have elongate tubular bodies, each male having a unique gynecophoral canal (schisto-soma = split body) in which a female worm resides. They live inside visceral blood vessels and are commonly known as blood flukes.

An experimental approach by using low dosage of niridazole as a posible mean to control schistosomiasis / Paisal Impand Abstract; Analysis of crude and excretory-secretory antigens of Dirofilaria immitis adult worms against antibody of brugian filariasis by elisa and immunoblot.