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Buck and Buck designs and makes available a variety of special needs clothing for older adults. We particularly are aware of the needs of the elderly who have difficulty dressing due to medical conditions, a variety of disabilities and simply the normal process of aging. All of our garments are easy to wear and easy to care for. Our adult bodysuits for incontinence and special needs clothing have been known to significantly help with keeping dignity by hiding incontinence brief or adult diapers and help to prevent challenging behaviors. Our special needs clothing is .

Disability Clothing (Go to Home Page). We have been making clothing for adults with disabilites, handicaps and special needs for over 30 years. Our goal is always to promote independence in dressing to the extent possible and then assistance to the caregiver in our adaptive clothing designs when assisted dressing is needed. Affordable selection of adaptive clothing for the elderly, disabled and for children with special-needs Most Orders Ship Same or Next Day! $ Flat-Rate Shipping within the USA.

We make adaptive clothing for special needs. For people with physical limits, wheelchair users, dressing challenges, such as uncooperative hands or legs, stiffness, or needing help adjusting clothes while toileting. Our clothing helps make daily lives more convenient and easier. People in a constant seated position creates pressure problems, sensitivity to seams, and the inability . Special Needs Adaptive Clothing. Accessible and Adaptive Clothing for kids and adults with Special Needs is really having a moment, isn’t it? (and yes, I know that the term Special Needs is being phased out) I bought my son some of the Target onesies and I’ve been quite pleased with vaginaxx.xyz got them because I was concerned that he would mess with the g-tube in his .

CalmWear is the provider of sensory compression clothes and undergarments, to help calm the sensory system of those living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD and Anxiety. Adult - SAVE OVER $30 - PLUS 3 FREE SOCKS $ $ Sensory Compression Bed Sheet After a frustrating and exhausting search could. Jan 23,  · This article is all about free stuff for adults with disabilities (and/or special needs*) Why? Because there are a more than a few lists of free things, resources and help out there for kids with disabilities (and/or special needs*), but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one for adults with disabilities.. Which is either flattering or really depressing.