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Jun 08,  · List of Cons of Adult Stem Cell Research 1. It has a limited supply. Stem cell research requires a large amount of stem cells. Jan 14,  · Adult stem cells can be found in tissues in the body, including, marrow, skin, brain, skeletal muscle and liver cells. An adult stem cell is an undifferentiated cell that can replicate itself and repair a damaged tissue. Having said this, scientists believe that adult stem cells can play a significant role in the science of medicine.

Pros and Cons of Using Various Stem Cells Abundant somatic cells of donor can be used Issues of histocompatibility with donor/recipient transplants can be avoided Very useful for drug development and developmental studies. Oct 30,  · The Cons of Adult Stem Cells 1. There aren’t that many which are available. Most adults have very few somatic stem cells that can be harvested.

Jul 08,  · List of Adult Stem Cells Cons 1. There is a dearth of adult stem cells that doctors can harvest. There are many somatic stem cells in the adult body but not all are usable. Pros and Cons of Embryonic and Adult Stem Cells Cell Comparisons: Embryonic vs. Adult There are significant medical and scientific differences between embryonic and adult stem cell research and therapy. Here is a comparison between the two types, including some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. Embryonic Stem Cell Advantages Size: KB.

Jun 24,  · Obtaining adult stem cells, such as from bone marrow, can be painful. As promising as the field is, stem cell treatments still are unproven, and they often have high rejection rates. The cost also can be prohibitive for many patients, with a single treatment costing well into the thousands of . Jan 12,  · Cons of stem cells research There is limited ability of the adult stem cells to grow in culture for long time and they cannot distinguish from others. Moreover, we do not have any technology to produce these cells in huge quantities.