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The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)—ISSCR has developed information to help you evaluate claims you may have seen regarding stem cell treatments. Clinical Trials and You—NIH has this resource if you are interested in finding a clinical trial for your medical condition.. FDA Warns About Stem Cell Claims—FDA has this resource describing the regulation of stem cell. In fact, other stem cell types are proving to be much more useful. The best stem cells for patients are Adult Stem Cells; these are taken from the body (e.g., bone marrow, muscle, even fat tissue) or umbilical cord blood and can be used to treat dozens of diseases and conditions.

Tool to easily search for a stem cell clinical trial for your disease is where you want to go for finding a certain clinical trial and studies. Note that this U.S. database includes international trials. It is a very powerful tool! Jason Dragoo’s Stanford University research team gets to inquiries every day from people interested in joining its clinical trial studying the use of stem cells to treat knee injuries. The interest highlights a growing demand for the use of stem cells derived from a person’s own bone marrow or fat to treat orthopedic injuries.

Stem Cell Transplant Clinical Trials. A listing of Stem Cell Transplant medical research trials actively recruiting patient volunteers. Search for closest city to find . Oct 27,  · Stem cells are unique cells that can multiply (self-renew) and differentiate into the cells that compose the human body, giving them enormous potential for use in regenerative medicine. Therefore, stem cell clinical trials are research study conducted in humans to test whether well these therapies can resolve injury or disease.

Jun 17,  · Evidence for the Presence of Adult Stem Cells. Adult stem cells have been identified in many animal and human tissues. In general, three methods are used to determine whether candidate adult stem cells give rise to specialized cells. Adult stem cells . How are Adult Stem Cells Turned into Treatments? Currently, blood stem cells are the only type of adult stem cell used regularly for treatment; they have been used since the late s in the procedure now commonly known as bone marrow transplant.