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With flexible adult undergraduate programs focused on leadership development and practical application, Bethel University ranks among the best schools nationwide for non-traditional students, according to College Factual. Evangel is an accredited, liberal arts university with more than 70 academic programs on the cutting edge of today’s professional fields. Our commitment to the integration of faith, learning and life attracts students from a wide variety of Christian denominational backgrounds who have a strong commitment to academics with a desire to combine their Christian faith with every aspect of their.

Typically adult students are 22 or older, and because of work or family responsibilities, need the flexibility that night, weekend, and online courses provided. Adult students can take courses full or part-time and mix their course formats between classroom or online depending on your need. Oct 26,  · Non-traditional undergraduate students, on the other hand, are generally adults by anyone’s definition. This category of undergraduates is defined by most colleges and universities as students who begin or return to college after the typical age of Author: Rhett Mcdaniel.

Be one of the first students to benefit from USF’s newly-announced 30% tuition reduction for adult undergrads! We’ve not only increased the number of acceptable transfer hours, and reduced the number of hours you need to graduate, but we’ve also lowered our adult undergraduate . Jan 31,  · Adult students need to be discerning when choosing a school. For-profit colleges often do a great job of catering to students with complicated .

Adult College Enrollment Trends Total fall enrollment in colleges and universities by attendance status, gender, and age from projected through The projected increase in enrollment from to of Adults 20 or older shows continued growth across genders: females (%) and males (13%). Students with two or three nontraditional characteristics were considered moderately nontraditional. These students, who made up 25 to 31 percent of undergraduates in the three NPSAS surveys, tended to be older than typical, independent, and to attend part time. Highly Nontraditional.