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Sure, you can buy frozen meatballs and bottled BBQ sauce, but homemade is well worth the effort. These sliders are great Game Day snacks or bite-sized party appetizers. We like our sliders with coleslaw, but a little cheese wouldn't hurt either. Jan 28,  · Oyster Cheese Appetizer Log. When you say "holiday tradition" around our house, this appetizer comes to mind immediately. Every winter, I make lots of cheese logs and freeze them for when I'm expecting company or need to take food to someone's Caroline Stanko.

Sep 28,  · I got the idea for these appetizers from my favorite sandwich at a local restaurant—a symphony of sweet fig, roasted apple, melted brie and tangy garlic mayonnaise. I re-created this delectable combination in a quick appetizer with bright red cranberries and green spinach to give it a holiday twist. These scrumptious bites only take about Oct 31,  · Kalamata Cheesecake Appetizer. It's believed the Greeks served cheesecake at the first Olympics, so why not rewrite history with a Greek cheesecake appetizer? Ingredients in this version "tame" the kalamata olives, so even if you shy away from kalamatas, you'll be glad you tried this one. For a milder flavor, use the more common black or green.

May 26,  · Classic American appetizers like spicy wings and deviled eggs are perfect for everything from game days to midnight snacks. Whether you're looking for a twist on your favorite hors d'oeuvre or want.