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Adult baptism is a public declaration of a private decision, whereas infant baptism is the parents’ way of dedicating their child to the Lord. Even though some denominations practice infant baptism, it doesn’t reflect the baby’s decision to accept the Lord as his or her Savior. May 31,  · The process for baptizing someone includes making some preparations ahead of time. When you are both in the water, you’ll slowly say the confession of faith in phrases and let the person repeat after you. Then you’ll bless them and lower them into the water%(52).

Sep 29,  · Most Christian denominations offer baptism to adult converts. There are many varieties of Christian adult baptismal ceremonies, but they generally follow a basic pattern. Nov 20,  · Baptism is the outward act that symbolizes the inward phenomenon of coming to and accepting Jesus Christ as real, as God incarnate, as the sacrificial means by .

This avoid re-baptism, which most churches frown upon. Other Features of a Baptism We’re talking about bare-bones emergency baptism here, so this isn’t a full liturgy. Other things that normally accompany baptisms can include the following, but not necessarily in this order: Before the Water: The candidate formally agrees to be baptized. Baptism (Greek translation βαπτίζω which means “to immerse”) is an important part of Christian beliefs and practices. Merriam-Webster defines it as “a.