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Example of a IV fluid calculation. These are the two methods for calculating pediatric maintenance fluid rates, applied in the case of a child weighing 26 kg. 1) Daily volume formula: ( mL for each of the first 10 kg) + (50 mL for each kg between 11 and 20) + (20 mL for each additional kg past 20 kg) = 1, mL + mL + mL = 1, mL. For 0 - 10 kg = weight (kg) x mL/kg/day For kg = mL + [weight (kg) x 50 ml/kg/day] For > 20 kg = mL + [weight (kg) x 20 ml/kg/day] Note: Infusion rate = total fluid volume per day ÷ 24 hour.

Hydration Calculator. CamelBak helps you determine your ideal level of hydration. CamelBak helps you determine your ideal level of hydration. No icon name was supplied or your browser does not support SVG How much water should you drink? Determine how much water you need for maximum performance. Hydration Calculator Follow 3 easy steps to see whether you are drinking enough water. The calculator will work out your hydration level based on the information you give about yourself and your daily drinking habits.

Estimate how much water should you drink per day with this daily water intake calculator. A TDEE-based water calculator that will calculate the hydration required based on your body energy needs, including activity status. Learn how much water it is recommended to drink per day in cups, ounces, and milliliters to maintain proper homeostasis, stay healthy and achieve peak . Algorithms for IV fluid therapy in adults * Weight-based potassium prescriptions should be rounded to the nearest common fluids available (for example, a 67 kg person should have fluids containing 20 mmol and 40 mmol of potassium in a hour period). Potassium should not be added to intravenous fluid bags as this is dangerous.

Patient Weight (kg) Fluid requirement (litres/day) Other formulae for recommended fluid intake are less accurate and may underestimate fluid requirements, especially in underweight residents These include 30 mL/kg body weight and 1 mL/kcal . Sep 08,  · Adult > 65 years 25 ml/kg body weight Comparison of these formulas produces a wide variety of fluid recommendations for an obese patient. Using a fictional woman who is 65 inches tall and weighs pounds ( kg) with a BMI of , estimated fluid needs using actual body weight are as follows.