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Young adults with cancer and their families face many challenges, from the first onset of problems through treatment and beyond. Learn more about the special issues for young . Certain cancers, such as primary bone cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma and testicular cancer, are most frequently diagnosed among adolescents and young adults. However, the incidence of .

Screening for cancers in young adults Screening is testing for a disease such as cancer in people who don’t have any symptoms. Cancers are not common between ages 20 and 39, so there aren’t many widely recommended screening tests to look for cancer . Risk Factors and Causes of Cancers in Young Adults Cancer occurs as a result of changes (mutations) in the genes inside our cells. Genes, which are made of DNA, control nearly .

Young Adults With Cancer Young adults (teens to age 35) and adolescents have very specific concerns when they are diagnosed with cancer. This is a time when they want to meet .