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Best Bible Games for Adults. Bible Drop a Hint. Providing only one-word hints, clue givers try to get their teammate to guess a given word or phrase. An exciting, fast paced Bible Trivia. Bible Who Am I? Bible Bingo. Bible Swaparoo. Dec 21, - Explore Gail Dewoody's board "christian games for adults" on Pinterest. See more ideas about christmas party games, holiday games, christmas games pins.

Of course you can have a little ‘fun’ at church with these amazing Christian games for adults that will leave you enriched with the Word of God, and who knows you may end up making a lot of friends. Bible Charades. Love to act out? Then this game can be a popular hit among the crowd by encouraging participation and teamwork. Introduction Circle. Ask the teen girls to sit in a circle and one, perhaps the hostess of the gathering, goes first. She must say, “Hi, my name is.

Sep 29,  · Adult Games for a 21st Birthday Party; Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images. Jesus calls fellowship to be one of the main purposes of the church, and most congregations agree that Christians do that well, until new faces appear. Breaking out of your comfort zone and making new people feel welcome is not something everyone finds easy. 1 Christian Icebreaker Games for Adults. I Am Blessed; Autographs; Crazy Poker; Market Memory; Picture Me; 2 Teen Christian Icebreaker Games. Snowball Fight; Paperclip Links; Bible Basketball; 3 Christian Icebreaker Games for Kids. Buzz Bomb Balloon; Frisbee Toss; Cotton Ball Scoop; 4 Christian Icebreaker Games for Any Age. .