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Nov 29,  · Cleaning tip: use this kitchen timer to clean in short bursts 1 of 13 Straighten Up in Spurts. If it’s hard to concentrate on one task, such as folding laundry or washing dishes, all the way to completion, try doing it in increments. One of the easiest cleaning tips is to set a timer for 15 minutes, and stay on task until it goes off. Oct 06,  · Mop the floors and clean the countertops at least once a week (and any time you create a mess). Simply shift everything on the counters to the left and clean, then shift everything to the right and clean again. If there’s so much stuff on the countertops that shifting is impossible, it’s time to de-clutter. Cleaning BathroomsAuthor: Judith Kolberg.

Sep 25,  · I learned to work with my ADD instead of against it. I consciously created a bunch of new organizing systems and cleaning habits. Today, I feel like an ADD success story. I’m still no neat freak (dusting will never be my thing), but I clean my house pretty much every day, willingly, and — gasp! — I . adhd Tips for Managing Adult ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can create problems in all areas of your life. But these tips can help you cope with symptoms, get focused, and turn cleaning up messes, or returning phone calls immediately, not sometime in the future. If a.