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common adult fears - FEAR MY MONSTER ASS, AMATEUR S #3 -B$R

Dec 19,  · Most adults fear making the wrong decision because one wrong decision can steer your life in a certain direction. There are also many what-ifs behind this fear. For some adults, regret of decisions already made impact their lives as they ponder how things may have been different. 3) . Feb 27,  · Agoraphobia, a fear of places or situations that trigger fear or helplessness, is singled out as a particularly common fear with its own unique diagnosis. Social phobias, which are fears related to.

The top most common fears of U.S adults. The Chapman University in Orange, CA conducts an annual Survey of American Fears to detect the most common, but not necessarily the most intense fears, among U.S. adults. 1 They reported the results from their fourth poll on OCT They obtained a random selection of about 1, U.S. adults. May 10,  · Common fears among individuals run the gamut from public speaking to an extreme fear of heights to claustrophobia and the list goes on and on. You can ask any psychologist or psychiatrist and they.

Among humankind’s most common fears is the fear of extreme weather. Those that suffer from this fear get restless at the slightest sound of thunder rumbling or sight of thick clouds. Fear of storms, lightning, and thunder can cause a hyper awareness of the forecast and anxious feelings as soon as there is a noticeable change in the weather.