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saran wrap condoms - Top-heavy goddess Stacey Saran swallows cock before

Feb 07,  · Over at Total Sorority Move, they let a woman write about the time she used plastic wrap as a condom — which should be noted often and in ALL CAPS: USING PLASTIC WRAP AS A CONDOM DOESN'T All you teens out there, the Saran Wrap condom is not — I repeat, not — a suitable alternative to a condom. If you get caught in a situation without one, take the frustrating, five-minute trip to.

Aug 24,  · Cut the bottom of the condom off above the rim. Cut down one side of the condom. Lay flat over the vagina or anus. Plastic wrap, such as saran wrap or Cling Wrap found in grocery stores, can also Author: Adrienne Santos-Longhurst. Can I use Saran wrap instead of a condom? Dr. Kenneth Cheng answered 30 years experience Family Medicine No guarantees: Using Saran wrap instead of a condom is not advisable and .

Jan 18,  · Saran wrap is a bad idea to use as a condom. There is really no way to be sure there is not some wrinkle that the sperm can fit through or small hole that you don't see. And it has no properties. Dec 10,  · Rumor contends that a piece of Saran Wrap can be used as an impromptu condom. It does not work. Plastic film does not withstand the friction of sexual intercourse nor does it provide an adequate barrier against sperm.

Oct 29,  · Condoms are the only way to protect against STIs during penile sex — that includes penile-oral sex, penile-vaginal sex, and penile-anal sex. Using sandwich bags, plastic wrap, aluminum foil. May 10,  · You had vaginal sex using Saran wrap instead of a condom at an Asian massage parlor??? WOWZA. Either it was a very busy night at the "parlor" and your masseuse ran out of latex condoms or perhaps.