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late period sex with condom - No condom sex with hot Thai babe

Protected sex, late period? I had unprotected sex but he pulled out Pregnancy or just a late period? had sex twice with one condom, pregnant? Took morning after pill about 53 hrs after sex - no period yet we used a condom and he pulled out and came inside the condom condom broke, used morning after pill, got period, am now over a month late on. My girlfriend and I had sex about a week and a half before her period was due with a spermicidal condom on. Now she five days late and I'm really worried. We took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. I keep hearing that you can take a HPT after a missed period but, isn't there still a certain amount of days you need to wait regardless of.

Apr 16,  · But back to period sex and condoms. While the Clue/Kinsey survey found that condom use drops 15 percent while a woman is on her period, only 15 percent of women surveyed said they even had sex. I had sex and used a condom but I've missed my period and I'm concerned that I may have an STI There may be a number of reasons why your period is late – including stress – but, to be safe, visit your local Umbrella service provider and ask to be tested for both STIs and pregnancy.

Nov 19,  · A survey on condom use by the Kinsey Institute found that condom use drops 15 percent during sex when on your period. Fertility app Clue also contributed to the survey. They wrote the following on. We found no leakage, but I am a day late for my usually regular period. I use a period planning app and we were intimate on days that were projected as fertile for me, but the only way I would have had vaginal contact with semen is if the condom broke. We never once went in without one or got his penis close to my vagina when he had preejaculate.

Nov 29,  · I checked the condom afterwards and it was not broken. I also made sure that it was not broken beforehand. We didn't "finish", or in other words neither of us orgasmed and he did not ejaculate. I had at least one period after this happened but now my period is late. All of which is to say, it's essential to continue wearing a condom if you're unsure of your partner's status. But overall, “medically—for most [people]—it is fine to have sex with your period,”.